Explore the wonders of the subatomic

Do protons get lonely? Are neutrons any fun at parties? Find answers to these questions and more in the My First Science Textbook series.

Even a toddler can begin to understand the basics of chemistry as they follow Pete the Proton, Ned the Neutron, and Ellie the Electron, who build everything in the universe. This three-set takes readers on a rhyming adventure of science and friendship in a fun and memorable way.


Protons and Neutrons.jpg

My First Science Textbook: Protons and Neutrons

"I am Pete the Proton. I am positively charged to meet you!"


My First Science Textbook: Electrons

"I'm Ellie the Electron, a particle with class."


My First Science Textbook: Atoms

"Say hello to the atoms that build everything you see..."