Awesome Books for Awesome Kiddos


Science Wide Open Series

Picture books featuring totally boss female scientists. This series cultivates curiosity and empowers kids to unleash their inner scientists!

Book 1: Women in Biology

Book 2: Women in Chemistry

Book 3: Women in Physics

Ages 4-8


My First Science Textbook Series

Follow Pete the Proton, Ned the Neutron, and Ellie the Electron as they get together to build everything in the universe!

Book 1: Protons and Neutrons

Book 2: Electrons

Book 3: Atoms

Ages 2-6

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Stories kids want to read.

"Henry loves reading the My First Science Textbooks series and the Science Wide Open series. He loves reading about the periodic table, and at 4 years old can recognize many elements. Reading about the women scientists and pronouncing their names is also a favorite of his. As parents, we love the questions these books elicit, and the curiosity they spark. The books make science fun and easily relatable to kids of many ages." - Rachel and Marc, WI

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